This is actually an old project but during the site redesign I found all the old pics so here goes. Several friends of mine were all going to make beer knight armor out of cardboard, with each of us picking a different brand. At the time I was a Molson drinker and also decided to play on my Asian heritage, so the Molson samurai armor was chosen.
On top of keeping my own cases I was raiding the bottle return center of my local Wegmans for weeks. I knew I was going to need lots of raw materials for the cuts and design I had in mind. In the meantime I started working on my "katanas".
Picked this up from the sports consignment shop for twenty bucks. The blade wasn't the sturdiest but that didn't matter for what I needed.
Step one was cut off all the old athletic tape, a light sanding, a little glue and a matte black base coat.
Next I painted the blade a metallic chrome.
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