Last Christmas I did a little woodworking and some presents, small shelves with hooks for jewelry. They went over really well so this year I decided to go a little bigger and more family oriented. Crokinole is like a board game version of shuffleboard, and the boards themselves are pretty cool. I've never made a crokinole board, period, so three at the same time was daunting. While searching for dimensions I found plans and board layouts online, so I started there...but quickly diverged.
So I started with the pieces for the octagonal frame. Each angle of an octagon is 45 degrees, so split that and each of my sides needs a 22.5 degree cut...which is a huge pain in the ass. I ended up sitting on my living room floor with 24 pieces of 1x4 cut to 13 inches, measuring out a 22.5 degree angle on each end with a plastic protractor. Needless to say they didn't end up perfect. Anyways, once the angles were cut I used my table saw to cut a mortise into one side and a tenon on the other. I don't have a dado blade so this took multiple passes with my saw. Octagons are now my least favorite thing to make out of wood.
Once the glue dried I trimmed off the extra bits of tenon sticking off the corners and started adding the outside trim. I wasn't about to try cutting 22.5 degree angles again so I went a different route. I just glued and nailed a piece of trim in place, then putting my guide to 45 degrees I cut off the excess to exactly what I needed. No measuring, no second-guessing.
Here's a close-up of the resulting corner after the first application of stain. They overlap in a kind of pinwheel pattern. If I make boards again I might do this for the 1x4 corners instead of the 22.5's, but I'm not sure how well a mortise and tenon would hold under this configuration.
Here's a shot of all 3 octagons with their first coat of stain. I'm went for dark on the outside with a lighter stain on the playing surface for contrast.
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