New personal high combo

Monday, March 17th, 2014
My new high combo with Spinal, 73-hit ultra that I pulled off in an online ranked match.

I've always tried to be well rounded with the characters of a fighting game. Obviously there are some that (I feel) are better than others, but you still need to know how they ALL work, all of their mechanics, in order to defend against them effectively. In the case of Mortal Kombat II this gave me the additional advantage of actually being able to… Read More

Playing with Xbox One uploads

Friday, December 27th, 2013
I've been playing around with the Xbox One's gameplay DVR functions and uploaded a video to view online. This is my first attempt to embed video onto a site...

That was my very first online match of Killer Instinct, I'm the blue Jago. I guess some old skills really do stick with you through life. Read More

SWTOR one month later

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
I just got billed for my Star Wars The Old Republic subscription, which means I've played through my 30-day free trial. I have a level 50 Sith Sorcerer and I'm putzing around with a teens-level Trooper on the Republic side. Overall its a great game, it has all the hooks I want in a game that I'd be willing to buy a 6 month subscription to (which I did to get the lower monthly prorate), but there are some fundamentals that are broken.     PvP should not be forced on a PvE server - I love that I can alter my character's appearance, via my choice in gear, without the negatives of the gear I like being not as powerful as… Read More

No PAX East 2012 for me

Sunday, December 4th, 2011
I've had the pleasure of not only attending but Enforcing both annual PAX East conventions that have been held thus far. Karli and I have absolutely loved going to Boston each year. Its a great weekend getaway for us, and the things we've seen and the people we've met have been awesome. Unfortunately the next PAX East is the weekend of April 6-8, 2012, also known as Easter weekend. I'm not going to begin to even try to understand all of the scheduling and logisitcal work that happens behind-the-scenes when it comes to picking dates for something as massive as a PAX. Even in their own words… Read More

WoW…not so much

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
So I tempted the bitter mistress known as World of Warcraft, and I have walked away unscathed. Lenny gave me a code for a free 10 day trial, which then linked our accounts so if we were playing grouped together we both would get like a 50 percent bonus to the XP we earned. That was kinda cool, leveled like crazy one night. And I have to admit the voice chatting in Ventrillo was handy. But after a week I noticed a very familiar pattern. Hack random monsters, run quest for random NPC, loot, sell loot, die, recover body, buy slightly less crappy gear, run your ass across the map, repeat. Hey…where I have done all this before? Oh yeah, for three… Read More

Big kids need toys too

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
The boys’ last report cards were good (in one case a vast improvement from his prior report card), so we got them Nerf guns as a reward. Logic being outside toys for summer versus video games or inside stuff. Ryan picked out one that shoots green balls, and Connor and Jacob got ones that shoot foam darts, N-Strike CS-6 Recons. Well the grown-ups also got their hands on them, Karli quickly found the joy of firing at squealing boys that are using each other as human shields. It took me all of 24 hours before I went out and got my own, and quickly discovered the massive community… Read More