Nerdhatch archive: Bad Camping

Friday, November 4th, 2011
The next rabbit from the hat of the lost archive, this was The Bad Luck Thread (posts from March to May 2006), which turned into recounting some snow adventures and some of our camping misadventures.   Jeremy - I don't have the greatest luck. Yes, good things still happen to me, but when a bad thing happens (and they tend to often) its usually crazy shit that happens to very few other people. Take for example my identity theft situation...$6500, that isn't something you hear about every day. So it struck me to start chronicling all this. I mean it really struck me, like my latest bad luck incident. This past… Read More

Nerdhatch archive: Heron facilities

Friday, November 4th, 2011
During Operation Clean My Hard Drive I found a lost treasure, the backup SQL database from a website forum I ran back around 2006-2007. Granted that's not that long ago, but the true diamond within is on this site we recollected and recompiled stories from our high school days (1991-1995). Since the version of that forum software is way outdated I can't just restore the old forum, and frankly I have no desire to bring back that forum in a fully functional format. BUT, I can strip out the thread posts and all their memories! The database has over 1600 posts purely in chronological order; I need to remash them into logical threads and such, so… Read More

Force Fields, Shotguns, and Troopers

Monday, May 25th, 2009
Its been an eventful, fun, and painful 48 hours.
Started Saturday morning with 18 holes of golf, with a cart, for a measly $30. This course has the winning solution, drop prices when everyone else is raising them to cope with "tough economy" and people will flock to you. To put it in perspective the last time I golfed it cost me $40 for 9 holes with a cart. After flogging it was back to the house for great food, beer, and bag-o. So far so good, right? Once everyone was stuffed we moved all the food back into the house, the guys decided to hang out outside under the tent for another beer. Then the thunderstorm rolled in. Given the fact… Read More