No PAX East 2012 for me

I’ve had the pleasure of not only attending but Enforcing both annual PAX East conventions that have been held thus far. Karli and I have absolutely loved going to Boston each year. Its a great weekend getaway for us, and the things we’ve seen and the people we’ve met have been awesome. Unfortunately the next PAX East is the weekend of April 6-8, 2012, also known as Easter weekend. I’m not going to begin to even try to understand all of the scheduling and logisitcal work that happens behind-the-scenes when it comes to picking dates for something as massive as a PAX. Even in their own words from the website “it wasn’t our first choice by any means”, but the date is a deal breaker and as much as it pains me it prevents us from going.


There’s two main reasons for this. One, we’re the parents of three young boys and really can’t take an extended weekend getaway on a holiday weekend. There’s baskets and eggs and traditional things and such that need to be tended to. Two, costs. Between airfare, hotel, food, passes, souveniers/merch and everything else that comes along with an out-of-town trip each year has cost us just shy of two thousand dollars. For a family of 5 that’s no small budgetary item. The fact that the trip would be on a prime holiday travel weekend,  costs are significantly higher. I’ve looked at flights and they’re more than double what we paid last year, 2.5 times higher to be exact. And that’s if I book right now, during the Christmas season when of course families have all sorts of extra money floating around for their 2012 planning. No way can I justify that for what is essentially a personal indulgence.


I know that I can eliminate the first problem by possibly making the trip a whole family event, but that just exasperates the second problem to impossible levels.


Its just a horrible weekend to plan for. Again, I don’t pretend to fathom what goes into deciding the date for a 60,000+ attendee gaming convention, and I can’t imagine I’m in the core target demographic either (mid 30’s-year-old married father gamer…though this does ironically describe Mike and Jerry, aka, Gabe and Tycho), but Easter weekend PAX means no PAX.


To my fellow Enforcers, especially my BYOC brothers, sorry I won’t be seeing you. Have fun and don’t forget to take a break and eat (I’m looking at you BigRed).

2 Responses to “No PAX East 2012 for me”

  1. Josh Says:

    That sucks man.

  2. Darluna Says:

    The only really happy folk are married women and single men.

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