SWTOR one month later

I just got billed for my Star Wars The Old Republic subscription, which means I’ve played through my 30-day free trial. I have a level 50 Sith Sorcerer and I’m putzing around with a teens-level Trooper on the Republic side. Overall its a great game, it has all the hooks I want in a game that I’d be willing to buy a 6 month subscription to (which I did to get the lower monthly prorate), but there are some fundamentals that are broken.



PvP should not be forced on a PvE server – I love that I can alter my character’s appearance, via my choice in gear, without the negatives of the gear I like being not as powerful as gear I don’t like. This is thanks to the item modification system. But there are still pieces of equipment that can only be purchased with credits earned in PvP…on a PvE server.


I play on a PvE server, just for the fact that my available gaming time is sporadic and I really don’t want to deal with possible PvP grief when I may have only an hour or two to play (many moons ago I played Ultima Online before the Trammel expansions where getting PvP killed was a regular occurrence you had to deal with). I know the value of PvP, the best example I can think of comes from my arcade days. Playing Mortal Kombat versus the computer is completely different from playing against someone else. Your play style changes based on what works and what doesn’t. But those differences, and PvP itself, can be stressful and many avoid it for those reasons. Hence the SWTOR server list is separated into PvP and PvE.


Equipment should not be limited to only PvP credits on a PvE server! What makes this worse is PvP gear (like the Battlemaster set) not only looks awesome, but gives combat benefits based on how many pieces of the set you wear. A benefit that no other equipment available through PvE means has.



Crafters should be able to make everything – After you hit 50 you “grind the dailies”, ie, hit the missions that are playable every 24 hours to get your daily commendation tokens. The same missions…everyday…forever. The purpose, of course, is to buy those purple 23 mods that are not available by any other means. This is bullshit, and a slap in the face of crafters. Even if you work a skill all the way to 400, and then reverse engineer your craftables all the way up to purple (which can take literally weeks), they’re still only 22’s and not as good as what you can get only with daily commendation tokens.


I’m not saying it should be easy, I know if it were easy the Global Market would be flooded, but it should be possible as opposed to completely impossible as it is now.



Fix/Simplify Travel – Why can’t I ride my speeder through some Rakata cave in a mission, but I can speeder all around the populated indoors Imperial Fleet station? The places you can and cannot ride a speeder don’t make any sense to me at all. Also what’s the point of making me take my spaceship to a planet orbital station, then running (again can’t use speeder) to an airlock, then running (no speeder again) to a shuttle to take down to the planet and then running through a base to a taxi? I could see this being the setup on one, maybe two “remote planets” if the story supported a lack of massive spaceport on the planet, but this is how almost ALL the planets are.



Too many junk items – From level 1 to 50 my inventory has been filled with hundreds of junk, completely unusable items, that I’ve looted off NPC monsters to then sell for credits. And every single one of them has their own unique inventory icon and description. Is this really necessary? How long did it take for someone to render all that literal garbage? Put all these junk sellables on top of the dozens of crystals and crafting resource items I need to keep track of and its a mess. Slim the junk.



As I said I’ve been enjoying the game. It has alot of potential and I like the timeline, way more than the other available Star Wars franchise timeline (Clone Wars cartoons). I’ll stick with it but I think alot needs to be changed, not only for enjoyment but for fairness to the player community.

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