Lego series 7 minifigures


It was only a couple of weeks ago when I was at the store buying Lego series 6 minifigs for Easter baskets…ok ok and for myself too. So you can imagine my shock when my wife and were out this weekend and found nothing but empty series 6 displays. Pretty upsetting since I never did land a Minotaur (but one of our sons has one). We hit two different Targets, Barnes & Noble and almost Wal-Mart too. She suggested making a last ditch attempt at Toys R Us and I scoffed at her. For one, every time we’ve gone before they didn’t have any, even when all the other stores had plentiful stock. For two, their prices are always higher. We went anyway and they did have about a handful of series 6 packs left…but they also had SIX BOXES of series 7 on the shelf!


We grabbed a handful and started feeling for what was what. Most of our hunches were right but there are a couple of mysteries we haven’t solved yet. Here’s what we’ve got so far.


First off if you’re new to the Lego minifigs these are the pieces to ignore:

Every pack has a paper checkoff sheet (not pictured), a thin brick stand and a head. The stand and paper just get in the way of your feeling around. The head is easy to find since its small, round and will slip out of your fingers if you squeeze it too hard. Speaking of the head I’ll start with what I thought was the easiest minifig to identify.


Officially named the “Computer Programmer” but we affectionately call him the nerd. His package will be flat (har har) since all of his accessories are pretty small (double har har). The laptop is easiest to find, being small (under an inch across), rectangular and completely flat. To verify you’ve got a programmer look for the C:\ coffee mug. It will almost feel like another head in the pack, but also have that tell-tale handle. Next easiest for us to ID was the bagpiper.


To me the bagpipes felt like a frying pan with the handle bent upward 90 degrees. If you put your thumb in the hollow underside of the bagpipes the handle should be pointing back up toward your thumb. You can also feel the 3 other extensions on the bagpipes but to me those weren’t as predominant as the bent handle. You should also be able to feel the hat, but its hard to differentiate from the swimmer’s cap. The kilt is flat fabric/plastic that you fold onto the top of the legs to form, so you won’t be able to ID it in the pack.


The Evil Knight’s shield is pretty large, and the teardrop shape is easy to identify but I found it hard to locate in the pack. The sword is just a stick inside the pack, and I personally don’t like to base an ID on just a stick. I’ve bought too many accidental doubles basing my hunches on just a stick.


The Hippie hair is pretty big as well, it will feel like an elongated helmet but with that long channel in the front where his face is. Also feel for the flowers. They come unassembled (with a 4th flower you won’t need for anything) so feel for the tripod that forms the stems. If you’re looking for a Bride minifig feel for that same tripod stem, but also the large angular block that makes the bottom of her dress.


The Tennis Ace only has his racket and hair for accessories. The racket is pretty unique but small so finding it can be tough. The hair is only slightly spiky so feeling it through the thick plastic packaging could be tough.


The Swimming Champ is a pain in the ass. First the swimming cap is a very small and unremarkable head piece, so it can feel almost like any other dome-shaped hat. The only other accessory is the medal around her neck, which as you can see is a small, stiff 90 degree angle piece. We bought 2 Swimmers completely by accident, didn’t even find that medal in the pack when we were feeling. The only saving grace to this piece is the head has two faces, one with goggles on and one with a huge medal-accepting smile.


This is all we’ve bought so far, as we get more I’ll update this post. To speculate on the rest of the series, I’ll be looking for these parts for ID:

Aztec Warrior – large headpiece with crest along the top. its HUGE.

Bride – tripod flower stem and angular skirt block

Bunny Suit Guy – helmet with rabbit ears, carrot is two separate hard plastic pieces

Daredevil – lack of accessories, since the cape is flat fabric/plastic

Galaxy Patrol – not sure on this one, I’m always bad at space figs

Grandma Visitor – flexible basket with raised handles

Jungle Boy – rubber knives (come joined together, feel like nunchucks), also the feel for the monkey with his raised arm. the monkey is pretty small though.

Ocean King – probably the trident

Rocker Girl – guitar

Viking Girl – angular skirt block, double-spike helmet, circular shield with center spike


In feeling around another pack I felt what I can only describe as nunchucks. They felt U shaped but rubbery and flexible. I’m not sure what that was, maybe the two halves of the Bunny Suit’s carrot? That may be the next one I buy just out of curiosity. UPDATE – They’re the Jungle Boy’s knives! He has two rubber knives that come connected by a small piece you discard. The Bunny Suit carrot is two completely separate hard plastic pieces.

Here’s a couple more pics I took.

Yes, the laptop actually opens! But after opening and closing it only twice the gray plastic has already turned white from fatigue, so I’m worried this might break easily.


For no particular reason, my cat looking like a totem pole. I found her on the floor like this…oh well.

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