New personal high combo

My new high combo with Spinal, 73-hit ultra that I pulled off in an online ranked match.

I’ve always tried to be well rounded with the characters of a fighting game. Obviously there are some that (I feel) are better than others, but you still need to know how they ALL work, all of their mechanics, in order to defend against them effectively. In the case of Mortal Kombat II this gave me the additional advantage of actually being able to use every character in a match simultaneously against anyone by picking Shang Tsung, but I’ve always called Killer Instinct my favorite. I just love the combo system.

I may have leaned toward Fulgore or Glacius, but barring the return of my favorite primary Cinder I’ll probably stick with Spinal for my main. Spinal’s always been just a fun time. In this Xbox One version his overhead defense is severely lacking but I get that’s his motif. He’s dead, he literally rises out of the ground for his intro, so it makes sense that his moveset has to do with low attacks.

I’m still eager to see what they do with Fulgore though. If he doesn’t have speed…complex blazing lateral speed enhanced with teleports…then I’m calling bullshit.

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