Ant-Man ending and post-credits scene

If you haven’t seen Ant-Man and don’t want anything ruined then stop reading here because SPOILERS ABOUND from here on out.

I’ll be honest, before seeing Ant-Man I had heard about the post-credit scene, and since seeing it myself I looked online to read other’s opinions and all I have to say is…wtf? All the running theories I found say Winter Soldier has his armed trapped in “a wall” or “giant device” and imply Cap and Falcon captured him. That’s not what I saw at all. First off, his other arm is completely free, actually he looks to be sitting kind of comfortably (with a slightly frustrated look) with the free arm propped on his knee, while his cyborg arm is in what looks just to be some kind of machine shop apparatus. We saw him fight toe to toe with Cap, you would think if he were being held against his will it would take more than just one arm stuck in a drill press. Also, all 3 of them are in civilian clothes. Falcon and Cap go on to discuss the issue, saying they need help. Falcon suggests going to Stark, if he would even believe them. They also say maybe if it were a week ago he would. Cap then says Stark may not even be able to talk to them because of “the accords”. Then Falcon says that he may know a guy.

Here’s my theory. I think this scene is after the start of Civil War events, actually putting the Ant-Man movie concurrent to the beginning of the Civil War. All three are incognito in plain clothes. We already know from the Winter Soldier post-credit scene that Bucky was/is learning of his past. And from Ant-Man we know Hank Pym hates the Starks. I believe Bucky is there willingly, and Cap has been trying to help him. When he was still the Winter Soldier an entire Hydra team maintained him, going straight means no team. I believe either something is wrong with his cyborg arm that Cap can’t fix, or he’s looking to upgrade. They need the help of a technical genius. Something happened in the “week” that would make Tony not trust Steve or Sam, and these “accords” make it so contact may not even be allowed. So going to Pym for technical assistance, and putting him on Cap’s side on Civil War just makes sense.

Also, during Scott’s trip into the Microverse or Quantum Realm or whatever it was….am I the only one that saw the large silhouette on the upper-right part of the screen? I believe it was around the time he passed the atom, but there was definitely a dark outline of head and shoulders that wasn’t matching Scott’s motions, so not his shadow. I don’t know if this was supposed to be some cosmic being that would have insight into other realms (future Infinity War tie-in), or maybe a lead in to Dr. Strange (since he has knowledge into all those crazy realms and should be in tune to someone entering/exiting through some new means), but someone saw him make his trip. And I don’t think it was Janet.

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