Rules of Wisdom

I’ve learned alot, many things the hard way unfortunately, but there have been a few universal nuggets of wisdom that stand out. Once and a rare while I’ve had the opportunity to share these bits of truth with friends and co-workers in fitting situations. Since these chances are few and far between I need another place to deposit this knowledge.


Rule #1 – The 10% Rule: You only need to be 10% smarter than the tool you’re using.

An extension of the “right tool for the right job” moral; you don’t necessarily need to know how something does what it does, just how to operate it properly. Let the tool do the job it was designed to do.

This came from back in my tech support days. We would almost all of the time not have the right tools, training or information to do our jobs (I and another tech were once sent on a wireless install on a roof in Olean, NY with 18 inches of snow, 20 mph wind and sub-freezing temps…with only the snow brush from the work van to clear the snow off the building roof). Can you know everything the server does to get a user their mail? Sure you can, do you need to? No. Let the server do its job. This rule can also apply to people and their respective roles on your team, let them do their jobs and delegate properly.


Rule #2 – Work/Life Balance: Work a job to live your life, don’t live your life to work a job.

Everyone has a job for one reason, money. Unfortunately we all need it, it lets us do stuff and make things go. Your job therefore is important to sustain your family and your lifestyle, but remember what you’re working for.


Addendum: Jarlaxle’s wisdom 

Amongst my top five literary characters is one work of R. A. Salvatore, a drow elf named Jarlaxle Baenre. Just an awesome character that I never tire of reading, no matter what book he appears in. I’ve noting some of his most memorable quotes here:

“Dice have six sides for a reason, my friend. There is no thrill in surety.”

“Someday, perhaps, I’ll come to understand how your thoughts flow, and on that day, I fear, I’ll have to kill myself.” –to Athrogate in the book Gauntlgrym